Wednesday, October 1, 2008

politics overload

Living around DC, I am surrounded by politics--which I find ironic because I'm not the biggest fan of politics and yet I feel like I'm constantly surrounded by non-stop political talk here. Now that the election is getting closer, and the massive economic issue is front-and-center, it's like the political fury has kicked into overdrive around here.

Its unusual nowadays if on my daily metro commute, I'm not approached by a button-wearing, clipboard yielding Obama supporter asking me if I'm registered to vote. I am already registered to vote, so while I appreciate their zeal for civic duty, it gets really old having someone step in front of me and ask me this multiple times a day.

At my metro station, there is a political activist table set up outside of the exit tunnel, so that you end up walking right past it to leave. I swear every day they get closer and closer to the actual exit, so that you basically have no room to walk out without crashing into the table! And now there are multiple tables, Obama tables, McCain tables, economic tables, high-school fundraiser tables... And as soon as a wave of commuters starts to exit, there is a barrage of activist yelling, "Register to vote! Vote for Obama! The Economy is in trouble! Go Green! The end is near!!"

Can I not just walk to and from work in peace? Without having some flyer flashed in my face, possibly resulting in paper cuts on my cheeks??

I know this is a crucial election. I know that everyone should do their civic duty and vote. I know that change is coming. The way things are going, change in the U.S. in inevitable, no matter who wins the election.

I'm going to vote. And I'm going to vote based on whose platform I agree more with; on the values and proposals and stances that are most in line with what I believe is right. I'm not going to vote based on the hastily prepared flyer that is shoved at me on my way home.

Frankly, I'm just ready for this whole election to be over and done with. Then I can get to work without being harassed by pesky activists and persistent Obama supporters. Which makes me wonder, why are there no McCain activists roaming the streets with clipboards?

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