Wednesday, October 1, 2008

don't be a candidiot

Two political posts in one day!? Gasp! Never would I have imagined me talking politics on my blog so much. "Change" is coming indeed!

In light of all the political talk, I felt like posting this bit of "political vocabulary" by way of a recent Daily Candy newsletter. If only all political talk were this lighthearted...

n. one who does not read up on candidates before voting.

n. Election Day murmurs about exit polls, weather conditions, and trends.

n. the friend or relative who makes sweeping statements about your candidate to rile you.

n. citizen who volunteers to work polling places on Election Day.

n. amorous feelings induced by too much bubbly at festivities to welcome the new administration.

social security
n. network of political supporters on Facebook.

n. the happy feeling one gets after registering to vote. (Knowing he would sport an “I Voted” sticker this November gave Joe great statusfaction.)

image and excerpts from Daily Candy D.C.

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