Friday, March 28, 2008

j.crew love

If there was any brand that epitomizes my kind of style, it's J.Crew. I love everything about it: the styles, the fits, the colors, the quality. Maybe I don't love the price so much but I think their clothing is worth it and they are always adding to their sale and offering coupons and free shipping offers via email so it's not so bad.

J.Crew has outfitted a big portion of my closet...thanks largely in part to Virginia Tech's "J.Crew sale" that the student government holds every semester. Twice a year, the big ballroom in the student center is filled with boxes and boxes of J.Crew clothes, shoes, and accessories--from the previous season but still new and packaged. And everything is discounted BIG TIME! (Needless to say, I was a HUGE patron of the J.Crew sale during my days at Tech). Like two years ago, I got this $255 Sophia long silk dress for 10 bucks...10 bucks!

The J.Crew sale was like the highlight of the semester for me...seriously, I would mark it on my calendar the moment I found out the dates. The sale lasted a week...I would go everyday to see if they put new stuff out (which most of the time they had). I got way too much enjoyment from rummaging through box after box and finding perfect pieces that I could get for like 75% off. Thanks to the sale, I found the perfect jeans--the Hipslung style-- that after several years are still my favorite pair.

Since I'm not in college anymore, I miss being able to have practically the whole J.Crew collection discounted at my fingertips for a blissful week each semester. My love for J.Crew has only grown since then. I love opening the mailbox to see the most recent catalog with its great styling (especially the more recent ones shot in Paris and Rome). And yea I have the sale page bookmarked on my work computer...and i check it...daily. Their new Spring collection just has me drooling in front of the computer babbling to myself, "I want! Me likey! Pretty shoes!" Some of my faves:

all photos from J.Crew.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

i did it

That's right. I started a blog. After feasting my eyes on so many other beautiful blogs I finally decided to start my own! Woot! It'll be a creative output for me; a way to share my thoughts, ideas, inspirations and observations (cuz yeah, I tend to have a lot of those).

These are the things that get me excited:

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