Friday, January 30, 2009

the weekend

I can feel myself getting sick. Woke up this morning with a scratchy throat and am not feeling so hot at the moment. Hopefully this doesn't ruin my weekend. I plan on stopping by the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival on Saturday. And of course the Superbowl is Sunday.

Enjoy the weekend!

photo from here

Thursday, January 29, 2009

colored tape

I saw this colored masking tape on simplesong and loved it so much that consequently I may have made a compulsive purchase...

Free shipping though! Can't wait to use this...

tape and bottom image from Design Within Reach; top images by Suann from simplesong

baby betsy

I posted earlier about how much I like silhouettes. My affinity for them may have been sparked by receiving my own silhouette for Christmas. Apparently, my mom had ones made of my older sister and I when we were little and gave them as presents to my aunt. Well, my aunt gave them back to my sister and I this past Christmas, and I love having it. I didn't even know it existed until then! It's me when I was only ten months old...a baby Betsy.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

key to my heart

I really like this diamond key pendant from Tiffanys. I also really like to dream about one day owning a piece of Tiffany's jewelry.

You know it costs a lot when they tell you to call customer service to inquire!

tea time!

Lately, I've been on a real green tea kick. I've been doing really good about not drinking Coke and have only been drinking water and green tea for a while now.  I'm a sweet-tea kinda girl though, so I have to add a few Sweet N' Lows to my cup.

According to Teavana, green tea has some good health benefits:

Green tea is very high in antioxidants that boost the immune system and may help to reduce the risk of cancer (polyphenols), particularly lung, colon and skin cancers. Green tea also contains EGCG complex, which is very good for metabolism. In addition, green tea helps to regulate your blood sugar, resist cavities and gingivitis, and it is good for your skin.

Now that I'm hooked on hot tea, I want to get a cool teapot and maybe even some nifty teacups. Anthropologie has some cute ones, although they're a little pricey.

I think I'll just go find one for less at Home Goods!


We finally got a taste of winter weather yesterday. It was the first real snow of the winter and it only snowed about an inch. Then it turned to sleet and freezing rain so overnight, everything turned to ice. My little Sentra couldn't make it out of it's parking space this morning. It took me ten minutes just to get the door open! So I'm iced in, working from home today. 

photo from flickr

Monday, January 26, 2009

quick DIY necklace board

My smaller necklaces were all jumbled in a pile and I needed a better way to store them, but I don't have room for a big jewelry box. I was in Michaels over the weekend and all their cork boards were on sale, so I picked up these smaller 6x6" cork tiles and decided to make my own little board to hang my necklaces.

All I used was cork board, a swatch of fabric, ribbon, and a stapler.

1. Cut a square of fabric a little larger than the cork tile.
2. Staple the fabric around the tile on the backside, creating a neatly covered square.
3. Place ribbon pieces across the square in the desired position and then staple them to the back as well.
4. Cut two other pieces of ribbon, staple them to the back, at the top of the tile and tie together in a bow.
5. Hang on the wall (or wherever you please).

Voila! A super easy, super fast solution to my necklace storage problem. It took me all of about ten minutes to make. I just stuck some basic push pins on the cork board to hang my smaller, more delicate necklaces. It's certainly not the fanciest, but it works for the time being. Plus, it always feels good to see what you make be put to good use.

Friday, January 23, 2009

alluring alcove

Is this not the coolest, coziest little alcove you've ever seen? The perfect spot to curl up with a good book or indulge in an afternoon nap. The cream, gold, and sea foam green colors are so soothing and serene.

Here's to a happy weekend!

found on A Room Somewhere

Thursday, January 22, 2009

sweet silhouettes

There's just something charming about a dark silhouette contrasted against a crisp white background. I have developed a slight crush on the classic silhouette and this feature from Country Living showcases just how fabulous and diverse a silhouette can be.

from Country Living found via Paper+Cup

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

at least its not monday

Having a hard time getting motivated and inspired after four days of practically doing nothing. And what a glorious four days it was...

I got a massage, got my nails done, got a haircut, made pancakes and crepes, slept in, read, did some yoga, knitted, organized, read tons of MS Living magazines, and caught up with the backlog of shows on my dvr.

I could use a lot more long weekends like that!

I could also use a balcony, a row of pretty shoes, and a bright sunny day like this:

photo found here

Friday, January 16, 2009

weekend plans

The weekend is finally here!!

I've been looking forward to this weekend for quite some time since it's a four day weekend. Our office decided to close on Tuesday because of our proximity to the Inauguration. So while the masses descend upon DC for the momentous occasion, I plan on staying home for four days of rest and relaxation. And boy do I need it! The constant stress and traveling and chaos of the past few months has made me feel tense, disorganized, and unhealthy.

I'm taking this weekend to take care of myself and try to get back into a healthy living routine. So this Saturday I'm treating myself to the ultimate "recharge" day:

*making crepes for breakfast (with sliced strawberries)
*massage (thanks to a gift card!)
*haircut (love the tranquil Aveda salon)
*browsing Anthropologie and Paper Source

The rest of the weekend, I'll be staying close to home to avoid the crowds and traffic. There's no way I'm venturing anywhere near the metro or downtown. I'm just looking forward to having time to do what I want to do instead of what I always need to do: reorganizing my room, knitting, reading, crafting and cooking all the good recipes I've been finding.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

image found here

sorbet shoes

I feel like I haven't posted any pretty shoes lately. Thus, I give you dainty heels from J.Crew in the sweetest of shades.

P.S. They're on sale with an extra 20% off right now.

Carmen Satin Peep Toes
from J.Crew

Thursday, January 15, 2009

slice them strawberries

I went into Home Goods yesterday just to browse around. I love that store. Everything you could need for domestic bliss and all at half price! I especially like browsing the kitchen area and picking out random kitchen tools. I admit, I got a tad bit giddy when I saw this little gadget: a cute little strawberry slicer.

Totally frivolous and totally unnecessary, since strawberries can easily be cut by hand (or an egg slicer). But at a buck fifty, I decided it would have a nice home in my kitchen drawer.

I think I've caught the Valentine's Day bug, because I also picked up mini heart shaped cookie cutters, heart shaped mini cupcake silicone forms, and a red handled chopping knife. I must be subconsciously preparing to be baking and cooking up a storm come February!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a Healthy Appetite

In my effort to eat more healthy, I am trying to cook more meals at home instead of hitting up the local Chipotle or Potbelly's. I was looking for healthy recipes on the Food Network site yesterday and found some promising dishes from Ellie Krieger's show Healthy Appetite.

I love me some Cobb Salad, but it's usually not the healthiest what with all those toppings. This version seems to be just as yummy without the hefty calorie count.

It's like a twist on caprese salad and it includes shrimp, one of my favorite foods!

Breaded shrimp, that's supposedly good for you? I'm sold!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


More inspiring photos from the latest Anthropologie catalog. Especially loving that first black and white car image--fabulous!

train ride

Oy! I feel like I'm finally able to sit back and take a breather after the craziness that was the end of 2008. I think I was at home only one weekend out of the past two and half months!

This past weekend I took the train down to NC for an engagement party. It was my first time riding the train here in the states, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and efficient it was. No having to check baggage or suffering the hassle of security lines. Just hop on the train and hop off! Props to Amtrak.

Until I can get re-organized, I'll post these photos from the latest J.Crew catalog that I find inspiring. Those colors and the lush hydrangeas make me anxious for spring!

Monday, January 12, 2009

it's the little details...

...that make life so sweet.

found here

Thursday, January 8, 2009

emerald chic

Spotted this dress here and instantly fell in love. So sleek, so stylish, so unique.

Anna Elyse found here

creativity at work

I really like looking at people's workspaces. I feel like a person's personality really shows through how they organize and decorate their personal office, desk, or studio. So when I came across these behind-the-scenes images of the creative offices at Martha Stewart Living, I found it very intriguing to see where and how the creative minds create all the wonderfulness of the Martha Stewart brand.

Martha's office--deliberately clean, spare and modern

deputy creative director Ayesha Patel's prop collection, used for styling photo shoots

the glorious prop room that houses all the props used at MSL--perfectly organized by style and color

a wall of swatches in the textile department

the office of Martha Stewart Weddings Editorial Director Darcy Miller

A color-coordinated closet in the offices of MS Weddings that houses fabrics, ribbons, and accessories

Editorial Director for Collecting Fritz Karch's office showcases various collections

One of the two craft rooms at MSL

a wall in the art department holds magazine layouts in progress

color-coordinated bookshelves in the office of Kevin Sharkey, Executive Editorial Director for Decorating

all from here