Thursday, January 8, 2009

creativity at work

I really like looking at people's workspaces. I feel like a person's personality really shows through how they organize and decorate their personal office, desk, or studio. So when I came across these behind-the-scenes images of the creative offices at Martha Stewart Living, I found it very intriguing to see where and how the creative minds create all the wonderfulness of the Martha Stewart brand.

Martha's office--deliberately clean, spare and modern

deputy creative director Ayesha Patel's prop collection, used for styling photo shoots

the glorious prop room that houses all the props used at MSL--perfectly organized by style and color

a wall of swatches in the textile department

the office of Martha Stewart Weddings Editorial Director Darcy Miller

A color-coordinated closet in the offices of MS Weddings that houses fabrics, ribbons, and accessories

Editorial Director for Collecting Fritz Karch's office showcases various collections

One of the two craft rooms at MSL

a wall in the art department holds magazine layouts in progress

color-coordinated bookshelves in the office of Kevin Sharkey, Executive Editorial Director for Decorating

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