Thursday, January 15, 2009

slice them strawberries

I went into Home Goods yesterday just to browse around. I love that store. Everything you could need for domestic bliss and all at half price! I especially like browsing the kitchen area and picking out random kitchen tools. I admit, I got a tad bit giddy when I saw this little gadget: a cute little strawberry slicer.

Totally frivolous and totally unnecessary, since strawberries can easily be cut by hand (or an egg slicer). But at a buck fifty, I decided it would have a nice home in my kitchen drawer.

I think I've caught the Valentine's Day bug, because I also picked up mini heart shaped cookie cutters, heart shaped mini cupcake silicone forms, and a red handled chopping knife. I must be subconsciously preparing to be baking and cooking up a storm come February!

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