Wednesday, October 8, 2008

oh the things I could make

I want a Gocco.

A wha??

A Gocco (pronounced go-co).

Its a table-top screen printer and basically the coolest little crafty gadget ever. And since I love all things paper and printing and creative, I've decided I need one of these so that I can design and print my own stuff.

They're manufactured in Japan and apparently production was stopped on them a while back, right as their popularity exploded here in the states. So they are somewhat elusive, but I'm determined to get my hands on one. There are some up for sale on ebay, etsy and some other art supplies sites.

I was researching online and found a good link that explains how it works here.

And etsy has a whole group called Loco for Gocco, with pics, trends, and tutorials.

I could put it on my Christmas list, but Christmas seems so far away!!

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