Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm back!

I feel bad for neglecting my little blog for a whole week. After being gone for five days and then trying to catch up at work and home, I've been a tad bit busy...

My trip to Charlotte was great. I had a lot of fun just exploring the city with Hunter and driving through cool neighborhoods, sightseeing, and shopping. It was such a huge contrast from DC, where the streets are bustling with energy from pedestrians, noise, and traffic. Charlotte's downtown felt deserted compared to DC. Hardly any traffic and hardly any people! (granted, we explored downtown on Sunday, during the big Panthers game, which I think the whole city had gone to). Charlotte has lots of cool, unique restaurants and tons of cozy wine bars--and the shopping is fabulous as well. Just about every store you would ever want or need.

My drive down route 29 wasn't too bad either. The colorful fall foliage along the scenic country road made the 7 hour drive not only bearable, but enjoyable. My secret to getting through long road trips is to get a good book-on-tape. Sounds kinda nerdy, I know, but listening to a good story on CD makes the drive go by so much faster. Books-on-tape got me through the countless 12 hour drives home from Tech to St. Louis during college. I went to the library and picked up The Debutante Divorce by Plum Sykes on CD. I had already read her first book Bergdorf Blondes, and needed a lighthearted chick-lit that would make for easy listening. It fit the bill perfectly.

My first day back to work happened to be our agency outing, so I didn't really do any work since the whole office went downtown to the ESPN Zone and proceeded to eat, drink, and compete in countless arcade games as a means of "team-building." Mandatory fun that was actually really fun.

So it's already the end of the week and I've only really done one full day of work. Yesterday was super busy trying to catch up on all our jobs, but I'm finally caught up and back to the daily grind.

Today's Halloween. I don't have a costume planned and I don't have any candy to give to the trick-or-treaters tonight. I've never really been that into Halloween, so I don't put much effort into it. I didn't even carve a pumpkin this year (never got around to carving Michael Phelps). I like the idea of these glittered pumpkins from Martha Stewart instead.

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