Friday, October 10, 2008


I have a stalker!!! No joke, a creepy guy keeps seeking me out on the Metro! It all started a couple months back, when he sat next to me one morning in a nearly empty car and kept acting real strange: I could feel him staring intently at me and inching closer. I had my ear phones in but that didn't stop him from annoyingly asking me questions and awkwardly snickering. At one point he reached over and touched my arm to get my attention!! I tried to ignore him, but as the train got more crowded, it was kind of hard to get away until I got off at my stop. When I got up to leave, he mumbled, "it was nice talking to you. Maybe I'll see you again sometime." It really creeped me out.

Then about a month ago, during my morning commute as the train was still in the station, I was looking down at my phone when I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a guy walked past me and then stopped and came back to sit next to me. It was the same creepy guy! I already had my headphones in but I immediately opened my book to have two obvious signs of "don't bother me." Well that didn't stop creeper guy. He kept looking over at me, and I could tell he was trying to think of how he could get my attention. Then...get this...he awkwardly waves his hand right in front of me between my book and my face!! And when I exasperatedly look at him (trying to make a bigger deal of looking annoyed), he feebly mutters "can I talk to you? do you remember me? it's been a while" ........!!!!!!!!......I didn't even want to acknowledge him, so I gave him a weird look, ignored him, and then stuck my nose in my book for the remainder of the trip and didn't take my eyes of the pages until I got off at my stop. Thank goodness he didn't talk to me anymore.

Well...this morning, I'm sitting on a nearly empty train as it starts to fill up, and who sits down next to me but creepy stalker guy! And the minute I noticed that it was the same guy (because the minute he sat down I could sense him looking over at me) I gathered my things, got up, walked off the train, and walked all the way down to another car. I wasn't even going to give him the chance to talk to me. I was so freaked out, I was visibly shaking. I was nervous he would follow me, but thank goodness he didn't.

If he seeks me out again and tries to talk to me, I'm going to make a scene. I'm going to loudly tell him to leave me alone; that this would be the 4th time he's sought me out and bothered me and that I'm tired of it. I'm gonna go report him to the station manager. He is creepy, and I seriously think that something is mentally wrong with him, because he obviously doesn't get the hint. I need to go get some mase....or a restraining order.

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