Monday, June 9, 2008

a Duffy weekend

This past weekend I:

-Volunteered with my church's disability ministry and spent my Friday night playing with some amazing kids.

-Risked going to the Aveda Institute to get my hair highlighted....and learned never to trust my hair color to a student again. Thankfully, it is easily fixed and could have been much worse.

-Saw the Sex and the City movie. It was entertaining--much funnier than I thought it would be--and was practically an explosion of colorful fashion eye candy!

-Stayed indoors due to the hot hot heat (100 degrees? no thank you.) and relaxed and read my book and enjoyed some cool Coronas.

-Bought the Duffy CD and have been listening to it continually! Her sound is a refreshing break from the overplayed music on the radio. She's pleasantly unique and her music is an intriguing mix of modern soul with vintage classic oldies. I had only heard her popular "Mercy" song before, but the whole CD is great--you should check it out!

Duffy's "Rockferry"

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