Wednesday, June 11, 2008

forget emails, send me a Landogram

Remember Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman? I LOVED this show when I was little. I remember waiting anxiously for each new episode every week! I thought it was the coolest show e-v-e-r.

How can anyone forget Sully? The resident hunk and buckskin-wearin', tomahawk-throwin' love interest of Dr. Quinn. Rugged, manly, adventurous and part Native American, part....American? He was undoubtedly the reason millions of women tuned in to watch the show.

So whatever happened to Sully, or Joe Lando, the actor who played him? Is he still acting? Did he act in anything else? What does he look like now?? Can he cook??? Is he going to be on Dancing with the Stars?!?!?!?

Have no fear! All your Sully questions can be answered at, the Official Home of Joe Lando on the World Wide Web.

You can Cook with Joe! You can Ask Joe your burning questions! You can see Joe's Horoscope or visit the Tribute to Sully! But best of all, you can send your loved ones a Landogram!

Pick a design featuring Joe and send your Lando holiday greetings and well wishes to anyone with an email address! My favorites are the "Let's Party" and the "Easter" Landograms...

Seriously people, has enough animated clip art and entertaining Sully-centered info to keep you laughing for hours (or minutes)!

Get over there and send someone you love a Landogram today!

**I realize that I'm kinda sorta maybe poking fun of Joe Lando's site. But I can't help but find it really amusing that this is his official website.


Penni said...

First of all, I love my Landograms and appreciate whenever someone thinks to send one. I realize your comments are all in jest, but seriously, I am happy that there is an Official Joe Lando Web Site. Its not as active as it once was since Joe hasn't been acting much (his choice), but its a fun place to visit whenever a fan may need their "Joe-fix" for the day or week. And its a good place to stay in touch with other fans on the message board. I am hoping that Joe will choose to get back in the acting game soon and there isn't any other place to get all the "true" facts than TJLWP.

Anonymous said...

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