Monday, June 16, 2008

don't be an escalefter

I thought it was universal knowledge that when riding an escalator, you stand to the right side so that the left side is open for those wanting to walk up or down.

Apparently, not everyone knows this generic rule of common courtesy.
Usually these people are tourists. Or people who just don't use escalators often.

The metro system has a lot of escalators. And A LOT of commuters. Who are in a rush. All the time. Heaven help the person who breaks the "rule of the right side" and stands in the way of a rush hour commuter. They will be mowed down. Literally.

If you are standing on the left side, people will step on your heels, grunt loudly in annoyance, or literally push you forward in order to get up or down that escalator. They have places to be, people to meet, trains and buses to catch! They have a schedule to keep and by golly, you better get out of their way!

I'm a regular metro commuter; I take the metro to work daily. And I admit, it's REALLY annoying when people stand on the left side. Now, I'm not one of the furious, furrow-browed, commuters tripping over people-plowing them down-as they run to catch their bus (seriously, these people are sprinting). That's intense...I don't take my commute that seriously. But it would be really very nice if tourists, newbies, and innocent bystanders would look around and notice that they are the only ones leisurely standing on the left side. It allows for a much easier, and happier, commute.

So for the sake of general peace and accord, don't be one of "those" people.
Don't be an Escalefter.

Seriously, it's such an important rule amongst DC commuters, that the Metro, one of our ad agency's clients, had us create ads to promote proper "metro etiquette." Thus, the "Escalefter" term was born. As well as "Conseaterate"; "PlanBdextrous"; "Doorker"; and "Sumpnspicious."

Rail headliner by LM&O Advertising.

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