Friday, June 20, 2008


Etsy. Not only is it my name without the "B"'s also the most fabulous website every created! Etsy is an online marketplace for homemade goods--basically like ebay for everything handmade. You can find anything--soap, hats, jewelry, art, patterns, paper, plants, baked goods, pottery, music, clothing, furniture...even taxidermy!

It's a great community for crafty buyers and sellers. There is some amazingly talented people out there. I've bought a few things, earrings and knitting stitch holders, and both transactions were easy and affordable.

Some Etsy lovelies:

pretty pottery from Etsy seller Farmer Julie

Blue and Yellow Batik Large Fabric Thumbtacks from Etsy seller Fabricfarrago

Chic Note Tags from Etsy seller Elle's Studio. Tres Chic!

Vintage Flower Screenprinted Tags from Etsy seller Sugar Street Cafe

And the cutest things ever: clutch purses from Etsy seller BeeGee Bags!
Etsy is fab-u-lous!

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