Tuesday, June 24, 2008


There's just something so sweet about the feeling of victory!

Since I only ever use my wonderful macbook Pro nowadays, I've decided I want to sell my desktop PC. And in order to save all the files on my desktop before wiping it clean, I need an external hard drive to store them. So I started looking online to compare prices on external hard drives. On a whim, I checked ebay, and found a lot of decent priced items whose auctions were ending soon.

I found one I liked that was ending in fifteen minutes, and at the last minute, without expecting to win, I bid on it...and what do you know? When I hit the refresh button, I see "Congratulations! You're the winner!" on my screen. I won? I won!

A feeling of surprise! joy! glee! swept over me as I realized that I had beat out all the other bidders across the nation to become the new owner of that specific external hard drive. Yes, I was victorious in the bidding war! I got this strange sense of superiority knowing that other people elsewhere in the world were sitting at their computers, waiting with bated breath for the auction to end to see if they had won, and then cursing under their breath when they found out they had lost...to me.

I felt like I was in one of the ebay commercials. You know, where there's some sort of competition and one of the people comes out victorious, proudly showing off their newly-won acquisition. Proof that ebay caters to the competitive spirit in all of us. I mean, it was only a freaking external hard drive, it's not even that exciting...but nevertheless, the taste of victory was so sweet.

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