Sunday, June 15, 2008

turkish gold

My dad, being in the Army, has traveled all over the world. When I was about four years old, he went on a prolonged trip to Turkey. He brought back a lot of things that still adorn our house--gold plates, oriental rugs, decorative vases. He also brought back gold pendant necklaces on delicate chains for my sisters, mom, and me--each with our initials engraved on it.

Since my sisters and I were only ages 1, 4, and 6 at the time, too young to responsibly care for a gold necklace, my mom kept them in her jewelry drawer for safe keeping. At some point during the many moves of a military family, they were misplaced and forgotten.

Twenty years later, just this past Christmas, my mom found the necklaces and gave them to my sisters and I. I usually don't wear much jewelry, especially necklaces, and especially gold, so I didn't even wear it until last week. But when I finally wore it for the first time, I got many a compliment on it.

Kinda cool to have a little "vintage" piece of Turkish gold. Thanks dad!

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