Wednesday, April 2, 2008

smells like curry

So I live in an apartment complex and there are three other neighboring apartments on our level. I've never met the neighbors across from us but I do know one thing about them: they like to make curry dishes...A LOT. How do I know? Cuz I can smell it...and it's not just a faint scent of curry being cooked. It's an overwhelming cloud of curry smell that lingers on the whole floor of our complex; thickening the air and seriously making it difficult to inhale.

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against curry or anything. It's just when the smell is so intense that it penetrates my apartment that I have a problem with it.

Upon coming home the other week, I get out of my car and can already smell the curry as I walk up to the building. As I approach my apartment, the neighbors across from us are preparing to leave their apartment, leaving their door wide open. I'm just raising my hand to put the key in the door when the most intense rush of curry smell hits my nose; so strong that my eyes water and I have to cough. The smell of curry flooding out of their small apartment is overwhelming...the air is stale and heavy, as if they haven't opened any doors or windows in years and have been cooking curry eight times a day for just as long.

Once inside my apartment, I take a huge breath and inhale the clean air. At should have been clean. But no, it smelled of curry! I figured it was just because I had opened the door and some of the smell from outside had followed me in. But then I go into my bathroom and am hit with the overwhelming smell of curry again. And it's not just in my bathroom, but my bedroom and the kitchen and the living room and my sister's bathroom....the whole stinking apartment is suffocating in curry smell. Lo and behold, the curry smell is coming through the air vents!!

The smell was so overpowering that I had trouble falling asleep that night thanks to the curry-smell-induced headache. I had to light like 15 candles and two scented oil burners. Now, I'm sorry, but if your curry smells are taking over my apartment and making it hard to breathe easy in my own bed...then we have a problem.

After that first curry day, the smell went down a little. We didn't smell it for a while. Until this morning.

I grab breakfast, throw on my light coat from the front closet, and head out the door. While sitting in traffic on my way to the metro station, my nose starts to sniff out that faint familiar smell of curry. I think maybe I'm just imagining it, so I go back to concentrating on traffic. But the curry smell still lingers...I am still catching whiffs of it and it's making me uneasy.

My nose tries to follow the scent...and ends up on my jacket sleeve. To my horror, I am the source of the smell. My jacket smells like curry!! My jacket-which sits in the front hall closet whenever I'm not wearing it-smells of curry! The neighbor's curry smell is so strong that it has come through the door and walls and seeped into our clothes!! I had to ride the rest of my metro commute smelling of curry...which I'm sure the person sitting next to me really appreciated.

The curry smell must stop. I have no problem if you cook curry...just don't let the curry smell fester in your apartment so that it has to escape through the air ducts in the complex and settle in everyone else's homes, stinking up their clothing, and causing them to buy out the whole scented candle aisle at Target.

Expand your eating habits and fumigate your stinkin' apartment!

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