Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Go Cards!

Major League Baseball season kicked off a little while ago and I can't wait to start going to games again. I love baseball games. They really are a great American pastime--just to sit back and relax on lazy summer afternoons in the stadium with cracker jacks and peanuts, an ice-cold Coca-cola (or beer), and the roar of the crowd. Going to baseball games is one of my most favorite things to do.

Busch Stadium, St. Louis

Having spent a lot of my childhood in Georgia, I was a big Braves fan (David Justice was my favorite player back then...why, I don't know). Then when the fam moved out to St. Louis during my college years, I instantly became a big Cardinals fan. It doesn't get much better than Cardinals baseball. St.Louis is serious about baseball and on game days, the whole city is cheering on their beloved Cards. The fans are the best around and I am very proud to be one!

I caught a lot of Cardinals games during my summers in St. Louis. My favorite players were So Taguchi and Scott Rolen. I liked Rolen since he played third base (like me!) and he was crazy good. I liked Taguchi because his name was fun to say and his jersey number was #99 (which I just think is funny since its the highest number you can have and its so random compared to the others).

Sadly, Taguchi signed a one-year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies and Rolen was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays (seriously?) this past year. This makes me sad.

But I still love the Cardinals and I will definitely be rooting for them all season.

Now that I'm in DC, the Washington Nationals are the local team and the latest buzz is the opening of the new Nationals Stadium, which is supposed to be uber nice. My dad had a block of season tickets last year in the old stadium and he's gotten them again this year so I hope to be checking out the new stadium pretty soon.

Nationals Stadium, DC

I don't know if I can really call myself a Nationals fan though...the big name on their team is #11 Ryan Zimmerman, who also plays third base, but I just can't seem to get into him....probably because he went to UVA!

The standings so far:
Cardinals -- 5 -2
Nationals -- 3-5


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