Tuesday, April 1, 2008

i can't get enough

I admit, I watch a lot of tv. The DVR at home is constantly recording shows-- anything from the new John Adams miniseries on HBO to Rock of Love on VH1. Amidst all the crazy reality shows and entertaining dramas (which need to come back on air--i miss Ugly Betty!) is one show that is more fascinating and addicting to watch than any other: Jon & Kate plus Eight.

It follows the Gosselin family in their everyday life as the parents survive the chaos of raising two sets of multiples: 6-year-old twins and 3-year-old sextuplets....it...is...fascinating!

I LOVE this show. Every time an episode ends I want there to be more. It is so intriguing to me to watch how this family functions. Even though their house is overflowing with chaotic energy, Jon and Kate run a surprisingly organized and efficient household. And these kids are sooo cute!

The twins are Cara and Mady and the sextuplets are Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel. I admit that little Aaden is my favorite :)

They call him "the Professor"...which is so fitting because he wears the cute glasses and always seems to be interested in learning and observing. On the show, he says he loves animals and he's always smiling and running around all giggly. He's too cute. I watched the episode last night where Jon took Aaden out for a day of "male bonding"--Aaden chose to go to a dairy farm to see cows. It was adorable!

I love that they make the effort to give special attention to each kid individually and that they let the kids do the activities they like. Like Cara and Mady go to "kids cooking class" and take piano (Cara) and violin (Mady) lessons. And Hannah, on her special day out, she got to go horseback riding since she loves horses.

This show is so fun to watch...I just can't get enough.

images from TLC and sixgosselins.com

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