Wednesday, November 19, 2008

here i go a-Gocco-ing

In the midst of all the retirement festivities chaos last week, my Gocco arrived in the mail!!!

Wait...did I ever mention I actually bought a Gocco? Well...I did! I had been perusing ebay routinely and finally found a used larger model in great condition at a really good price and so bought it right away! So a week later, it came via airmail, straight from Japan!! (Gocco's are made in Japan, and are very popular there).

My Gocco came with about ten used ink tubes already, but my first project on this baby is going to be my homemade Christmas cards, so I ordered some new inks in Christmas colors from Paper Source, and they arrived the same day too!

I haven't had a chance to actually print anything yet, but that's my plan for Saturday. I'm anxious to create!! I unpacked everything yesterday and was going through all the booklets that were included.

Too bad they're all in Japanese...

So although I can understand the pictures, I can't read any of the instructions!

I imagine this says, "Print from Gocco in 12 easy steps!"

I'll have to find the English version of these instructions online, since although I already know how to use a Gocco, I don't want to make any mistakes by not understanding any of the small (Japanese) print in the booklet.


CMG said...

hey, i have a gocco and i received instructions and 2 dvds in english. i would copy them and send them to you. actually, i can probably scan in the instructions and email them to you if you would like. Let me know. If you go onto the flickr gocco group you might be able to find instructions there. there are also how-to videos on a few blogs and youtube.

esther lee said...


Hey, it's Esther from long ago.

I've been finding so many wonderful Gocco creations on Etsy. I'm looking forward to seeing what you turn out.

Hope all is well.

esther lee said...


Everything you wanted and more.

Betsy said...

Thanks so much for offering copies of the English instructions! It would be wonderful if you could scan and email them to me. It sure would make things easier, and I would be ever so grateful! My secondary email is I've been looking on flickr at all the various gocco pics and have found some good tutorials as well.
Thanks again!

Betsy said...

Glad to see you've found my blog! Thanks for the link--I can't wait to get started on the Gocco :)