Tuesday, November 4, 2008

doing my civic duty

I woke up at 5:30 this morning to be at the polls by 6 so that I could vote before commuting into work. I got to the polling center at 5:50 and the line was already several hundred long, wrapping all the way around the church and through its parking lot. Cars were pouring in; people coming from all directions to get in line. It was encouraging that so many people were at the polls...just not too fun to wait in line for an hour.

I realized that waiting in line at the polling center is the perfect place to people watch. Especially when it's 6 in the morning, still dark outside, and people have just rolled out of bed to come vote. You see some pretty interesting characters (and fashion choices). You also notice some pretty annoying personalities. Like the couple ahead of me in line who kept making the most stupid, smart-alek, petty remarks just for the sake of talking. And the lady behind me who kept snorting like a pig (yea...I don't know what that was about).

I found it funny that there were obvious Obama supporters handing out "sample ballots" to people waiting in line. Of course, when you look at the ballot, all the democratic nominees are checked off--like a way of subliminally telling people to vote Democrat. Then you finally make it inside the polling place, and the rules/laws of voting are plastered all over the walls on big posters. And one of the very first rules is, "it is unlawful to hand out sample ballots or endorse candidates outside polling centers, etc." or something to that effect. Then underneath that it says, "offense punishable by maximum $1500 fine or up to one year in jail." Love how those people are breaking the law right outside.

I had the option of casting my vote electronically or on paper. I chose electronically. It's faster, easier, and I didn't want to be filling out bubbles on a scantron sheet. It took me twenty seconds to vote, I got my "I Voted" sticker and proudly walked out feeling content with fulfilling my civic duty.

Then I went to Starbucks and tried to upgrade my free tall cup of coffee to a pumpkin spice latte, but alas it didn't work...

Make sure you take the time to vote today!!

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