Monday, August 4, 2008

viva la coldplay

Last night's Coldplay concert was amazing. The energy in the Verizon Center was out of control. The fans were cheering like crazy. Chris Martin was ridiculous and so fun as he ran around the stage and bounced on his piano seat. The music was as always, so good. The lighting and stage effects were awesome. And there were lots of fun when the band ran through the audience to the back of the arena and played a set on a little stage in the middle of the crowd.

I tried to take decent pictures, but my camera wasn't reacting to well to the change in lighting.

opening number

Chris Martin rocking out

during the final set, there were suddenly these huge blasts of confetti that burst out from the ceilings, covering the whole arena and stage. Then the confetti glowed during their final song. It was such a cool effect.

I'd say this concert was right up to par with their last concert tour. The ending for their last concert was much more grand, I thought. But this show was still great and Coldplay definitely delivered. I have decided that for their next concert tour, I am going to splurge for floor/stage seats. Coldplay just gives such great concerts that its worth it.

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