Monday, August 25, 2008

fare-thee-well Olympics

The Olympic torch has been extinguished and the summer games are now over. I really truly enjoyed watching the games, but I'm kinda glad they are finally over, because I have done nothing too productive over the past two weeks since all I was doing was watching the Olympics.

The closing ceremonies last night were another visually stunning performance, but they didn't quite compare to the opening ceremonies full of anticipation and excitement.

Can someone please tell me what the heck Michael Phelps was doing in London!?! He should have been in the Birds Nest in Beijing, celebrating the conclusion to his historical feat at the games with the rest of the U.S. team! I thought it was pretty lame that they made him miss the closing ceremonies and rush over to London only to walk out and briefly answer a few questions. The guy was only on screen for two minutes. I felt London could have done a little better.

I don't know how London is going to top Beijing. China went all out to host the 29th Olympiad, and although there was some shadiness going on (cough, underage gymnasts, cough), the games went on almost perfectly. I will say, I've never been so engrossed in the Olympics before, but something about these games (and maybe Michael Phelps) had me watching religiously.

Fare-thee-well Beijing Olympics. I'll miss your regal Olympic musical themes and Bob Costas' carefree commentary. I'll miss watching gymnastics and swimming and cheering on Michael Phelps. It's been an exciting two weeks. Now what am I going to do with myself now that there's no more Olympic coverage to watch on my tivo?!


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