Tuesday, July 15, 2008

how the Tokyo train works

I saw this commercial for HowStuffWorks.com last night and had to rewind and watch it again (thanks Tivo!) because I find it hilarious.

Love that the people are lined up in a column to get on the train. Love that no one is able to get off of the train before the people start cramming on. Love that the people have to be vigorously shoved onto the train. Love that there are train conductors--with white gloves--on the platform specifically to help cram people on the train. LOVE that they have to squeeze every. last. finger. in. before the doors close. Love it.

Thank goodness the DC metro is not that crowded. (Although some days it feels like I'm that person with her face squished up against the door).

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Weslie said...

no. that is not for real. that can not be for real. is that for real?