Wednesday, May 7, 2008

bizarre voicemail

I'm getting on the metro this morning so I get out my phone to turn it to silent mode-- because I am considerate, unlike those annoying metro riders who let their phones ring then answer them and proceed to have twenty minute conversations about hair dye that everyone on the metro is then forced to listen to... (can you tell it's a big pet peeve of mine when people talk on their cell phones on the mostly silent metro?)

Anyways...I flip open my phone and notice I have a voicemail, so I dial to listen.

First thing I notice is that obviously this person did not mean to call me, because it's one of those voicemails where all you hear is garbled noise and distant talking because the person has accidentally and unknowingly called you and ends up leaving a long meaningless message on your phone.

I can hear a guy's voice, but I can't recognize it, so I'm sitting there wondering who in the heck has unknowingly left me this message. I'm about to just erase it and hang up since its obviously a bogus message, but then out of all the garbled noise, the guy's voice says clearly "I just broke the fight up."

Of course, at the mention of the word "fight" I instantly become intrigued, because I'm one of those people that hates to be in conflict themselves but loves to observe other people in conflict (especially when it's in public places). So I keep listening, and keep picking up little bits of what the guy is saying. The gist of what I was able to piece together:
  1. The guy is "on the corner of New Dominion and Fountain." (odd, those are two roads in Reston Town Center, which just happens to be where I was last night)
  2. There was a fight because he broke it up.
  3. He got punched in the ear, but he's fine.
  4. It started "over there" then moved "over here."
  5. The "one guy" was wearing a blue striped shirt with little red stripes.
  6. He's standing in front of Clydes (which just happens to be the restaurant I ate at last night)
It sounded like he was talking on a cell phone to the police, but I could also hear a woman's voice in the background asking questions. I assume that there was a fight in front of Clydes and this guy tried to break it up and now he was telling the police about it. Okay, so that explains it.

But, it doesn't explain why this message is on my phone, on my voicemail. The whole time I'm listening, I'm like "who the heck is this? and why is this message on my phone!?" I don't know of any guy who is in Reston who would be accidentally calling me, especially at 1:35 AM (which is when I got the voicemail).

Rewind to back when I had dinner earlier that night. My aunt, mom, sister and I went to Clydes for dinner and we wanted to sit outside, so I went up to the hostess to put our name down for a table. She takes my phone number so that she can call me when the table is ready (which I think is strange, but I reason since it's outdoors, they're not using those little buzzer things). The hostess calls me about ten minutes later and tells me our table is ready, so we go sit down, have a nice dinner, then leave. Simple as that.

So after hearing and evaluating all the evidence and pondering available facts, I have deduced that this is what happened:
  1. There was a fight at Clydes in Reston Town Center at about 1:30 AM.
  2. A guy tried to break up the fight (and got punched in the ear in the process).
  3. Somewhere during the brawl, the phone at the outdoor hostess station gets knocked over and by some random chance my number gets redialed.
  4. The fight is going on as my phone is being called and my voicemail picks up.
  5. By the time the message starts recording the fight has just broken up and the guy is calling the police on his cell phone.
  6. The restaurant phone is still on, unbeknownst to anyone, and is recording everything the guy is saying to the police on my voicemail.
  7. I end up with a 5 minute long message that lets me know this all went down early this morning.
Yea, definitely the most bizarre voicemail I've ever received.

The best part is that right before it cut off, the garbled noise clears up just enough for me to hear the guy yell in frustration, "YEA! I'M COVERED IN BLOOD!"

Must have been one heck of a fight.

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Weslie said...

you should quit your job and become a detective, you're already a pro!!