Friday, May 30, 2008

back from the beach

The beach was glorious! Beautiful beach, beautiful weather, beautiful people, beautiful stingrays...err (sound of record scratching)...yea...stingrays.

You might not be able to see them too well, but those dark brown spots in the water are stingrays. There were literally hundreds of them in the water, real close to the shoreline. Their presence kept quite a few people out of the water. One seemingly knowledgeable man explained that they were migrating, although they kept swimming up and back down the coast, so I don't exactly know where they were migrating too.

Hunter ended up being out in the water just as a huge cluster swam up and the Stingray Man told him to just stand still and sure enough they just swam right around his legs. They were in the water the last two days we were out at the beach, so needless to stay we didn't go in the water. Who knows if the stingrays were there when we were out playing in the waves our first day...

the dad and my lil sister relaxing on the beach

The stingrays didn't stop of us from having a great, relaxing vacation. The weather was perfect so we spent three full days out on the beach. The fam and Hunter played golf...while I drove the golf cart (being that I was the only one who can't play golf). We had great food, great fun, and now my parents are looking into buying their own beach house there! Woot! More Sunset Beach vacations to come!

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