Monday, April 12, 2010

where are the wedding posts?

It's rather obvious that there has been a lack of posts on the actual wedding plans here on the blog. At the start of the planning process, I had every intention of sharing the process on here... all the fun details and decisions. But as planning kicked into full gear, and I actually started checking things off my list, I found that I kept wanting to keep the details under wraps, since many of our wedding guests also read my blog.

So I've decided not to post specific details about my wedding here until after the wedding in July (only 3-1/2 months away!). I know to some it might be a bit of a let down now, but I think it will be much better to be able to recap everything (with pictures!) afterwards. Not that I won't post about wedding stuff, I'd just rather keep the specifics of our actual wedding day a surprise :)

This whole planning process has been a roller coaster of emotions. Most of the stress comes from the fact that I seem to work so doggone much, and I feel like I don't have time to seriously plan, or do anything else for that matter! But we're making progress and I'm excited to see it all starting to come together. Here's some of the big things we've done so far, and some big things we still need to do...

I think we're way behind on the typical wedding timeline checklists, but oh well, we'll get it done! Thanks for sticking with me, faithful readers!

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Rachel Marie said...

totally understandable. I had a hard time blogging about wedding plans before they happened, afterwards is nice because it gives you a chance to relive it - it all goes by so fast!