Tuesday, April 20, 2010


One of the most important wedding priorities for me was the photography. It was probably the first thing we researched and booked aside from the venue. I wanted a fresh mix of classic style, photojournalism, and editorial. So I am super excited that the talented Kate Headley will be our wedding photographer! I came across her work through the blogosphere and really love her style, so she was the first photographer I turned to :)

A few weekends ago we set out on a beautiful spring Saturday to take our engagement photos. Although our original plan to hit up Georgetown (and Georgetown Cupcake) was spoiled by the masses of people descendant upon D.C. for the Cherry Blossom festival, we still had a fun time at an alternate location, strolling Old Town Alexandria.

Let me preface these photos by saying that the week leading up to our shoot, I had clocked in a tremendous number of hours at work. The day before our session I ended up working in the office from 7:30 am Friday to 5:30 am Saturday morning! So by the time we started taking pictures I had been up for about 34 hours straight with no sleep... Not how I would have preferred to prepare for my engagement photos, but we still had lots of fun and got some great shots :) Thanks Kate!


Bryce and Elissa Whited said...

Such cute photos!! I love the colors. Your wedding photos will be great!

Jessica said...

Great photos! I love the style & the perspectives. I'm sure your big day will be captured beautifully by this photographer!