Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pretty Shoe Tuesday

I've been wanting to have some kind of weekly feature here on the blog, so I decided to finally start one...and it's totally frivolous and fabulous.

As I was staring out the windows of the metro this morning looking at the traffic, snow and slush, I started to day-dream about pretty shoes... (weird, no?) My mindless thoughts went pretty much like this: I like shoes. It's Tuesday. Shoe rhymes with the Tue- in Tuesday... (this is what the mundane metro does to me) Hence, Pretty Shoe Tuesday, was born. It's pretty self-explanatory, but every Tuesday I'll feature a new pretty shoe! Like I said, totally frivolous. ;)

So to kick off this feature, I give you these glorious Petal Sandal Louboutins. Pretty, pink-peachy petals and that glint of signature Louboutin red. Loves!

Petal Sandal Louboutins at Neiman Marcus

Note: When I thought about starting this feature, the thought came to mind that there might already be blogs out there that have a pretty shoe tuesday feature like this (after all, Tuesday's the only day of the week that relatively rhymes with 'shoe'!). I hope it's not already out in blog land, but I don't want to be a copier, so if pretty shoe tuesday already exists somewhere, please let me know and I'll switch things up!

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