Friday, September 5, 2008


Dear clients,

When we give you a proof to approve, we request and expect that you thoroughly review the proof to ensure the copy and image content is correct. When you give us your approval, the proof goes back to the printer and the wheels are put in motion to go on press. This costs money. When you tell us at the last minute, after the proofs have been returned (approved by you, no less) that a change must be made, then all those big churning wheels have to be halted...and that costs money too.

Please realize that when you want to make a change, the artwork must go through the whole process of re-design, routing mechanicals, pre-press, and proof approval before it even goes on press. Then it has to print, dry, trim, and deliver. This all takes TIME. If you want your printed piece done and delivered on schedule, please don't request we make a change AFTER you have already given us your final approval. Please get your stuff together and request the changes during the proofing process. That is, after all, why we send you proofs.

Also, it would be so nice if all your jobs didn't have to be rush. When you give us a matter of days to have something concepted, designed, created, routed, proofed, approved, printed AND delivered, it makes it hard on every party involved and leaves more room for error.

Humbly and sincerely,

P.S. Please note that when we have to continually start/stop the pre-press and proofing process, you are accruing hefty charges in addition to the initial cost. Paper and ink is not cheap!

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