Friday, September 12, 2008

a girl can dream...

Let's play house! :)

I can't wait until I have my own house to decorate and furnish and make my own. The first thing I will do is paint the walls! All my life, I've grown up with the same plain white, military-housing walls (they usually won't let you paint walls in military housing), so I'm looking forward to having a place with color!

Because it's Friday, and I am spending more time daydreaming than actually working this morning, I pulled some of my favorite pictures of home interiors that I've saved. So lets live vicariously through these beautiful pictures and build a dream home, shall we?

First, there will be a grand entranceway:

Okay, maybe not that grand, as I will probably never own a home large enough to accommodate such a staircase, but this is my dream house and I love this picture and still want a large entranceway with sweeping staircase...

There will be classic crown molding throughout to border walls painted in various striking hues:

A bright, large open kitchen with stainless steel appliances and gorgeous checkerboard floors :

A classic staircase with wooden banisters leading upstairs to simple, clean bedrooms with big canopy beds with plush down comforters and lots and lots of pillows (i like to snuggle up in big comfy beds):

A guest bedroom, with built in bookshelves and toile-covered walls:

A quick glimpse into the master bathroom; so soothing and serene (oh, and more checkerboard flooring!)

I'll need a cool office space from which to run my own business (who knows what that'll be yet):

And there will be lots of little cozy nooks to sit back and relax with a good book and cappuccino (or sweet iced tea, or coca-cola):

I'll have lots of built in bookcases to hold my extensive personal library and I'll organize them all like so:

And I'll hang lots of artwork on the walls. Personal photographs, paintings, collages, maps, mirrors...

There will be a big sun room with massive french doors to let the bright sunlight stream in:

The french doors will open out onto a large porch, where there will be rocking chairs and wicker for us to sit and enjoy lazy summer afternoons:

We'll be able to do some outdoor entertaining in our lovely backyard gardens and patio:

And after all that exhausting entertaining, I'll come back here to my favorite spot to do two of my favorite things: read and sleep!

Ahhhhhh....wouldn't it be nice to live here? I think so. As you can see, I tend to gravitate to the clean, classic, colonial styles. I really like old houses that have history and colonial, symmetrical architecture. It will be quite a long time before I ever own a house looking anywhere near these pictures, but its nice to dream (especially on this dreary, gray Friday morning).

* side note: a lot of these pictures I saved from various websites before I learned to keep track of where I found them. So I'm unable to remember where I found these, and thus can't give proper credit. My dearest apologies--if you know the credit, please let me know and I will add it.

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