Friday, December 19, 2008

meeting the band

One of the big clients of the agency I work for is the National Guard. Last year we partnered with the band 3 Doors Down to have them write a song for the N.G. We produced a full music video which runs in movie theaters across the country before the previews. We've also produced tons of print collateral to coincide with the campaign including massive 3-D theater standees that are supposed to be in movie theater lobbies.

Yesterday, 3 Doors Down played their DC-area show on tour, so we amped up our sponsorship showing at the concert since it was local. Instead of coming into the office yesterday, I spent all day at the arena putting together the theater standees and hanging banners, etc. The theater standees are 7' x 8' feet and take about an hour to put together, so it was quite the day of work. But it paid off as I was given the "all-access" pass to be backstage which was pretty cool. I saw all the roadies setting up, the sound guys running sound checks, the management and production offices busily preparing for the show and the band members eating lunch in the catering room.

Before the concert, we had a meet and greet with the band for several wounded soldiers. I brought my sister along as a guest, and we got to meet the band, get their autographs, and have our picture taken with them in front of our standee. While waiting in line to meet them, my sister and I jokingly wondered, "what do you say to them?" Well, I got up to the line and this was the gist of our conversation:

me: {stepping up to the table} "Hi!"
drummer: "Hey, how's it going?"
me: "pretty good"
drummer: {signing my poster}
me: {wondering what to say, all of a sudden spurt out} "Thanks for all you guys do for us!!"
me: {realizing what i just said} "...."
drummer: {puzzled look on face} "...."
drummer: {looking surprised, thinking 'what the heck do I do that this girl would be thanking me for?'} "well....thanks for all you do for US!!"
sister: {laughing}
me: {embarrased, but moves on to the next band member}

I felt so stupid after saying that to the first guy, that I just smiled and said "Hi!" to the rest of them as I went through the line. I meant to say "thanks for all you've done in partnering with us" but I guess that would have made more sense if I had mentioned that I work for the ad agency that partners with them. I think the drummer thought I was thanking him like I would be thanking a soldier. Oh well. It was great meeting the band; they are really nice, down-to-earth guys. The meet and greet finished and we headed into the arena for the show.

The band

totally not a flattering angle, but I'm getting the lead singers autograph

With the whole band
I wasn't the biggest 3 Doors Down fan, but I have to admit, the concert was pretty good. They sound great live and I recognized more of the songs than I thought I would.


playing our client's song with the music video showing on screen
It was a really random day, but overall a great time. A nice little perk to my job!


sleepy said...

those cutouts are neat. are they from i got some cool ones there.

AmyBaby said...

that was a fun show! "Thanks for all you do for us!"...That was hilarious! thanks for taking me...