Friday, July 29, 2011

hi there

Hello Friends!
It has been quite some time since I last posted on this blog. I had no intention of taking such a long blog "sabbatical," if you will, but I've found over the past year that as life changes, so do daily priorities...

The time I took for granted in past years to devote to the blog is no longer readily available. I used to be able to browse the web, collect inspiration, and craft blog posts during work hours, in the days and jobs of yore. Now-a-days, with the amount of time I spend working and in front of a computer, when I get home, the last desire in my mind is to sit back down in front of another computer and spend more hours. In the past months, I've enjoyed spending time with my husband, cooking, reading, traveling, and pursuing creative endeavors in my limited spare time. And it's been wonderful!

But I do miss the blog world and all the inspiration it has to offer--I'm not sure if I can keep up a daily blogging regime like before, but I don't just want to quit it. I still want to have an outlet to post interesting and inspirational finds that I may come across. I think the best balance is to keep the blog but post, if somewhat irregularly, when I can. Mainly, I want to share my wedding posts, and after then...we'll see where the road takes me. Perhaps I'll transfer to a more simple Tumblr or Pinterest format...

Thank you to the readers who are still reading (if there are any out there!). I enjoyed running this blog in it's prime, and am sorry I can't keep it up like I used to. There is always so much kindness and encouragement running through the blog world! So Thank You!

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