Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Sometimes I wish I worked for a book publisher, so that I could read and be surrounded by books all day. I love reading and wish I could spend more time with good books. I'm finishing up the latest by Lauren Willig right now (lighthearted, comedic historical romances--very Jane Austen and perfectly entertaining) and the next on my list will be the newly released The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova. Her first book, The Historian, was really good so I can imagine this one will be great as well.

What are your recommendations for good books to read?

P.S. Isn't that library just dreamy? Look at all those books!

image: Old Library Trinity College Dublin via CNTraveler


Laura said...

Our favorite author (Jenn Lancaster) is coming back into town in May to promote her new book! Wanna go?

Betsy said...

ooo...YEA! That'd be fun! I enjoyed going to her reading last time she was in town :)