Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Okay, so I've totally slacked on the posting again... BUT, I have a good excuse.

I went back home for the weekend and got a little gift.

I got engaged! Hunter surprised me with a sweet ring and then surprised me even more by setting up a surprise dinner celebration with our families and friends. I've never been more shocked in my life!

I'm still coming down from the high of excitement and shock. But let the planning begin! :)


Laura Rodrigues said...

How nice!!!
I am always around and love your blog!

Kristin said...

congratulations, that's so exciting!

Rachel Marie said...

My husband thinks I am crazy for being excited because I don't REALLY know you, but I read your blog and am therefore excited for all of the planning posts to come! We got married 3 months ago - congratulations and have a wonderful time! You have excellent taste so I am sure it will be beautiful!

Bryce and Elissa Whited said...

That is so exciting!! Congratulations! It's such a fun time :)

Betsy said...

Thanks to all of you for these well wishes!! I'm beyond excited and can't wait to start sharing my journey through the planning process!

Amy said...


You will have a blast planning the wedding. As a bride who is almost done planning her wedding.. let me give you the most important advice I ever heard.

What's really important is the ceremony, the words, the mood, the vows, the promises, the emotion.

You could be naked and there could be no one there with you... but as long as you are truly moved by your ceremony... nothing else will matter.

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

congratulations - i'm so excited for you!