Monday, June 1, 2009


Saw this movie over the weekend. It's seriously the cutest movie ever. Funny, sweet, heartwarming, and adventurous, with a good soundtrack too.

Could possibly be the best Pixar movie to date, aside from The Incredibles.


Bryce and Elissa Whited said...

Hi Betsy!! I just had to say that I love reading your blog...I saw it on Helene and Steve's. I am vicariously living through all the blog entries you write...

P.S. I'm so glad you liked "Up"...I've been wanting to see it...not sure if Bryce will be interested though :) ...also funny, I've been meaning to rent Marie Antoinette the film.

What are you up to in Charlotte?

Betsy said...

Hey Elissa!
So glad you found the blog and enjoy reading! :) UP is so cute, you should definitely see it. I went with Hunter and he liked it too--its pretty funny so I think anyone would like it. Also, Marie Antoinette is a beautifully made movie, so definitely worth a rental :)

Hope all is well! It's great to hear from you! You guys are in NC too right?

dinagideon said...


OMG. I saw this movie last night. I actually cried twice. I laughed about 500 times. I was scared about 10 times (I am afraid of falling).

Overall...THE BEST MOVIE OF 2009...HANDS DOWN! Amazing!

Betsy said...

I concur!! The story line is so sweet :)

Bryce and Elissa Whited said...

Hey Betsy-
We are actually in the DC area now, but soon to be back in Blacksburg! Bryce is going to work towards his Ph.D. at VT starting this fall, so we will be moving in about a month or so. :)

My family lives in Greensboro, NC and we go down there quite a bit.

Hope you're doing well and enjoying the beautiful North Carolina!